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Returning to work after maternity leave can be tough - nothing can replace mom's undivided attention and care. However, with just a little bit of technology, we can bring the working mom and her baby closer together.

First days apart

Being a mom is a full-time job, so returning to work after maternity leave can be challenging. For parents who want to continue breastfeeding, this time can be particularly difficult – not all employers can offer flexible schedule for working moms or comfortable nursing rooms.

Love will find a way

Hearing the concerns of working parents and the cries of children, Bosch came up with a solution to shorten the distance between work and home. By launching a unique breast milk delivery service, Bosch intends to bring attention to the struggles of working parents in Vietnam and the importance of good workplace policies improving the lives of young mothers.

Small sensors with big potential

Out of sight doesn't always mean out of mind - important things should not be left unattended. Motion, vibrations, temperature, humidity - with the help of MEMS sensors you can track your deliveries and ensure the integrity of your package at all times.

Babies can't talk... but sensors can

MEMS sensors can act as our eyes, ears, and senses - and when paired with specialized Bosch software solutions, they can quickly explain data to us. From step counting and fitness tracking to smart homes and IoT, use possibilities of these micro-small helpers are endless.

First days apart

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Bosch XDK is a quick and professional prototyping platform which can connect to your product remotely, while multiple MEMS sensors help you monitor various parameters. Allow devices, products or machines to become connective and smarter.

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